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Bucks Happening List

2018 Bucks Happening List
Voting is now open for best photographer for the 2018 Bucks Happening List.

The 2018 Bucks Happening List Voting is in Process.

Seven years ago I decided to be vulnerable and put myself in the public eye as a photographer.   I was panicked. I was afraid no one would like my work. I was afraid people would think I was crazy for giving up a great, steady income in the pharmaceutical industry to follow my passion.   I was afraid of failure. I was afraid to disappoint others, and myself.

But, I was not willing to sit at home and dream about following my passion. I made my dream a reality.   Seven years later my business has grown leaps and bounds, I have had the honor to be in several juried photography exhibits, have an inspiring studio space in the heart of an amazing town filled with even more amazing people, and won the 2017 Bucks Happening photographer award.   Today I have the incredible honor of announcing, with endless gratitude, that I was nominated for the 2018 Bucks Happening Photographer.

Now it is time to put myself out there again.  I need to ask for your support through your vote.  Your vote matters and is much appreciated.  Please click HERE to cast your vote. Note that each email address counts as one vote.

If you would like to see pictures from the Bucks Happening Red Carpet event from last years “race”please visit my May 2017 blog post.  I was on cloud nine the entire evening and for months after the event.  I don’t have words to describe my great excitement, then and now!

Thank you to the person/people who nominated me this year.  Thank you all for your support, your love, and your trust in me as your photographer.  My heart is full of joy and gratitude for the experiencing of being nominated and having the honor to work with all of you.




Winner: 2017 Bucks Happening List ~ Photographer

Bucks Happening List Winner

Bucks Happening Magazine has an annual Bucks Happening List of the best businesses in Bucks County. I am very honored to have been nominated for the 2017 Happening List for photographer. Not only was it an honor to be nominated but, it is an honor to be considered among some really great local Doylestown and Bucks County photographers. The list includes several photographers that I have admired for years and whom I have a lot of respect for.

As people, it is inspiring to have our work recognized and a gift to be able to gain additional business success from such recognition. The entrepreneur business sector is very competitive and often challenging to navigate. Special recognition in the form of awards can often help a person take their business to the next level. For someone who works very hard to provide unprecedented service, the recognition is both a blessing and a confidence builder.

The Happening List race was close between some great photographers and inspiring artists. Not all on the list are portrait photographers, some are fine art photographers, and others, like myself, are both. My work crosses several genres of photography including; professional and corporate headshots, visual branding, family and children’s portraiture,  and fine art. My passion for photography runs deep and grows with every successful session, every person I meet, and every business I help give light to.

It is a significant honor to be recognized as the 2017 Happening List Photographer. The honor isn’t only be the physical award and title, but it involve sharing a priceless moment with many other successful and inspiring businessmen and women from the Doylestown and Bucks County Communities. Being nominated has helped increase awareness of my business in an oversaturated market and winning will help to strengthen that awareness and help me grow my business even further.

To take the excitement a step further, Sharon Kraynak of Sharon Lee Creative Art Services won as the 2017 Bucks Happening List Framer.  Sharon works out of my studio and takes care of all of my framing needs, personally; for my fine art and my home, and for my clients.   It isn’t often that two people sharing work space are awarded such a high honor at the same time.  Congrats to Sharon!  It is an honor to work along side her and share her amazing talent.

To celebrate the winners and finalists, Bucks Happening Magazine held a red carpet bash yesterday evening, May 4th.  The energy at Pen Ryn Estate was electrifying.   So many amazing, talented people.   Winners were interviewed by a QVC host and video-taped, I was a nervous wreck, but yet very excited!   The band, one of the best I’ve ever heard, Bigg Romeo, was amazing and we all danced the night away.   The food, I haven’t mentioned that yet…there was a mashed potato bar!  Oh my goodness was it awesome!   Below are just a few cell phone photos from the evening.  I am hoping to get some of the photos from the staff photographers that were there to capture the event.   At times I felt like I had a paparazzi following!  So fun!

Thank you for all of your support.  I am ever so grateful.

Thank you!

Bucks Happening List Photographer

My Husband, John, and Me

Bucks Happening List Winner

Dear friends, author/speaker Mary Fran Bontempo, best author,

and Kristin Smedley, 2017 power person.

Bucks Happening List Photographer

Sharon Kraynak and Me

Bucks Happening List Photographer

Slides of each category were presented all evening.

And, even better, my interview made the Bucks Happen List YouTube channel.   This journey has been so amazing!  I am so honored and very grateful!



The Poppy

wm e_RGP3959

The Bud

wm e_RGP3901

The Bloom

wm e_RGP3910

The Garden

wm e_RGP3951

Another Bud

wm e_RGP3953

The Center of the Flower

wm e_RGP3928

Dancing in the Evening Breeze

Settings: ss 1/125 f 4.5 ISO 800

Nikon D810, Nikkor 105mm 2.8

Natural, diffused, soft light.

Last week on Monochromia I posted a photograph of a pond with geese swimming in the rain.  You can view the post HERE.  The photographs of the poppy flowers and buds above were taken the same evening after the rain shower passed.

I have always been mesmerized by the Poppy.  The detail of its creation; the incredible bud from which the flower blooms, the intricate detail of the center of the bloom, the delicate, flowing petals, and the passionate color.  Unique and beautiful.

Today is Thursday so you get two posts for one, so to speak!  Be sure to visit Monochromia for my Thursday black and white photography post.


Dazzled by the Light I

wm e RGP_2313

SS1/60 f 4.5 ISO 1000

“Find beauty not only in the thing itself but in the pattern of the shadows, the light and dark which that thing provides.” ~ Junichiro Tanizaki
To see this image in black and white please visit Monochromia for my Thursday post.

The process for creating this photograph and most of my other flower photographs is a bit more complicated than using a white or black backdrop.  I have surprised people when telling them that no, it is not a white or black back drop, it is how I used the light that created the effect in my photograph.

To create a white back ground using only natural light, I am using back lighting or side lighting.  I meter on the subject, the flower, for proper exposure.  This creates a white or blown out effect in the back ground or side area.   If I metered on the light, my subject would be under exposed.  The angle of my camera determines the amount of haze or flare in my image.  If my lens is angled up toward the light more light is going to enter the lens and haze or flare will occur.  To avoid this effect, I simply angle my lens down so that light isn’t directly entering it.  This is a very simplified description of angle of incidence.

To create a black back ground using only natural light, I use front lighting.  The light is hitting my subject so that it is well lit.   When I meter on the subject for proper exposure, this makes everything behind the subject dark and creates a dark or black back ground.   In this scenario, if I let the camera determine exposure, or if I metered on the area behind my subject, my subject would be over exposed.

I hope you found this information of use, or at least interesting, for your photography journey.  Please let m know if you have any questions.



wm e RGP_2237 c wm e RGP_2237

I had no intentions of posting today, but I was nominated for the 7-day nature challenge on Facebook by another photographer.   I posted photographs from my archives the past two days and the photographer then reminded me that I was supposed to post photographs of the snow like everyone else.  Well, I honestly tire of looking at pictures of the snow after about a week or so of repetitively seeing them.   But, to make the photographer happy I decided to go out and shoot this afternoon.  I climbed through at least two feet of snow and played.  It was warm, 40 degrees F and it felt great to be outside and playing with my camera.  I felt somewhat like an animal on the prowl as I searched for my subjects.

While I was photographing a pine cone using back lighting and creating beautiful bokeh I remembered an article I recently read about lensless photography.   Because I had the time and was on a mission to create some unique winter images I decided to try it.  The above photographs are the results.

Do you love the hazy effect as much as I do?  I feel like I captured my prey.  One might argue that the first image is too “blue” meaning the white balance is off, but I was in the shade and it is a winter/snow shot and it is cold so to me, the color is perfect for what I was representing with my work.

Which do you prefer?  The color photograph or the black and white?