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Branding ~ It is Time to Refresh Your Brand ~ A Note from Your Brandographer


The year is quickly coming to a close and it is important to take a look at your branding strategies. Have you looked back to take inventory of your 2017 accomplishments? Doing so can be a daunting task, but even more intimidating, can be looking to the future and setting goals for the new year.

Setting Goals

Setting goals for the New Year is a must, however. A revised business plan, goals to achieve what wasn’t achieved the prior year, new strategies to brand your business, a new look that is more captivating for your website, and growing your social media following, are just a few of the items on many entrepreneur’s lists.  I can check off a couple of these items for 2017, but a couple more are also on my list for 2018.

Reach Your Goals Through Professional Pictures

One simple way to accomplish several of the goals I mentioned above is to have a personal branding session that captures your business, your service, your product and you in the best possible light.  Personal branding shots will give you the content you need photographically, which helps gain the attention of your audience(s).

Selfies or Professional Branding Pictures? 

Sure, selfies can used for social media posts, but to really sell the quality that you love, offer and represent, you need professional photographs that will help you build your brand and help you stand out above others in your area of expertise.  Professional photographs are especially important for websites so that people know you care about quality and professionalism.

As you close out the year and make your list of goals for 2018, be sure to put branding through photographs at the top of your list. I promise you won’t regret it. You will see results and impress people by using photographs that not only make you look great, but also help create eye catching content to market your brand.

Be sure and check out how Gina Rubel and her team used their recent branding photographs and headshots on their new website.

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"My Funeral, My Way"

“Part of building and maintaining a strong on-line presence is having a professional head shot.   Your head shot is the first impression for people looking at your website or social media pages. A professional head shot is your opportunity to prove to your clients and potential clients that you care about quality and have quality products and/or services to offer.” – Robyn Graham

After hearing me say these words in a presentation at a Business and Marketing Jam Session for Women Entrepreneurs, Angela hired me to take her head shots so that she could improve her on-line appearance and hopefully sell more books.

It was a joy working with this beautiful, creative, talented author and entrepreneur.  I believe in her book and am thrilled that she now has nice photographs to represent both her and her book on-line.

About the book:  Let’s face it, no one wants to think about their own death or funeral, but it will some day be a reality.  We can’t avoid it.  If you have been to a funeral recently you’ll be able to relate to Angela’s concept and desire to publish the funeral planning journal.  With that in mind, the journal will help ensure that you have the funeral you hope for and alleviate a lot of planning stress for your loved ones.

Author of “My Funeral, My Way” – Angela De Simone  (Two of my favorite head shots from the shoot with Angela.)

My Funeral My Way

My Funeral, My Way

“My Funeral, My Way”

My Funeral My Way