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Branding ~ It is Time to Refresh Your Brand ~ A Note from Your Brandographer


The year is quickly coming to a close and it is important to take a look at your branding strategies. Have you looked back to take inventory of your 2017 accomplishments? Doing so can be a daunting task, but even more intimidating, can be looking to the future and setting goals for the new year.

Setting Goals

Setting goals for the New Year is a must, however. A revised business plan, goals to achieve what wasn’t achieved the prior year, new strategies to brand your business, a new look that is more captivating for your website, and growing your social media following, are just a few of the items on many entrepreneur’s lists.  I can check off a couple of these items for 2017, but a couple more are also on my list for 2018.

Reach Your Goals Through Professional Pictures

One simple way to accomplish several of the goals I mentioned above is to have a personal branding session that captures your business, your service, your product and you in the best possible light.  Personal branding shots will give you the content you need photographically, which helps gain the attention of your audience(s).

Selfies or Professional Branding Pictures? 

Sure, selfies can used for social media posts, but to really sell the quality that you love, offer and represent, you need professional photographs that will help you build your brand and help you stand out above others in your area of expertise.  Professional photographs are especially important for websites so that people know you care about quality and professionalism.

As you close out the year and make your list of goals for 2018, be sure to put branding through photographs at the top of your list. I promise you won’t regret it. You will see results and impress people by using photographs that not only make you look great, but also help create eye catching content to market your brand.

Be sure and check out how Gina Rubel and her team used their recent branding photographs and headshots on their new website.

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Visual Branding Photography ~ Standing Out in a Sea of Noise


Visual Branding Photography
Charley Girl Designs

A picture is worth a thousand words! We’ve all heard that old adage many times, but have you ever really thought about what pictures can be worth to your business, or for your brand? Do you have a visual branding photography plan for your business?

I recently taught some workshops on smart phone photography for small businesses. When preparing the PowerPoint presentation I researched the impact of pictures on social media posts and websites. Here are a few statistics you might find interesting when considering whether or not you need quality pictures to represent your brand or business.

• Posts with eye catching visuals receive greater than 94% more views
Resource: Online, Medium Corporation 7/18/16

• Social media posts with an image are 10x more likely to have engagement
Resource: Online, 8/11/14

• More clicks – 92.6% of people report they clicked the buy button because of visual
Resource: Online, Wade Harmon 9/22/15

• Humans have short attention spans, less than a goldfish! Humans have an attention
span of 8 seconds compared to a 9 second attention span for goldfish.
Resource: Online, 5/14/15

• Memory – 80/20 rule. Humans remember 80% of what they see, but only 20% of what they
Resource: Online, 5/5/14

• 40% of people learn better with visuals
Resource: Online, Medium Corp. 7/18/16

• Infographics are 3x more likely to be read and shared than posts with only text
Resource: Online, 1/3/17

The aforementioned statistics support the fact that pictures are necessary to effectively promote your brand or business. Another important reality to consider when deciding whether or not you need pictures to promote your business on social media is the limit to character count for content posts. Twitter has a limit of 140 characters. SnapChat has a limit of 80 characters. Adding text, up to 20% of words for the post, to a picture helps to effectively communicate your branding message.

When considering your need for pictures, the bottom line is this:
Powerful pictures are an incredibly efficient tool and will help your brand or product stand out in a sea of noise.

To learn more about visual branding photography visit our visual branding service page or contact us directly by clicking here.


Flight Attendant Foodie ~ A Creative, Fun Shoot

wm e RGP_0873

Meet Flight Attendant Foodie.  This client came to me for creative photographs for her new blog, Flight Attendant Foodie.  It wasn’t a typical head shot/visual branding shoot as she didn’t want her beautiful face in the images.  She, as is suggested by the title of her blog, is a flight attendant working for a large commercial airline.  Her blog cannot be affiliated with the airline in any way thus the reason for not wanting her face prominent in the photographs.

When working with people, I love to capture their essence and soul.   When doing so, this usually means photographing their faces and especially their eyes.  As that wasn’t an option, I had to get creative.  My goal was to create a feeling of someone who loves to travel, embraces new experiences, and day dreams about where to go next.  I had some props that were reflective of travel and the client brought a couple of props and some wardrobe changes.  We had a lot of fun with different poses, lighting, and using the props.  We began on a simple white paper backdrop using strobes (one with an umbrella, one with a diffuser, one with a honey comb attachment) and then moved to the “purple couch” and used natural light.   She is now using the photographs on her blog as well as her social media sites; Instagram and Facebook.

I always find it exciting exciting when clients call because they understand that good photographs help substantiate their websites/blogs.  It really is true that a picture is worth 1000 words.

Below are a few reasons companies, no matter the size,  should have pictures of their team(s) and professional photography on their websites:
1. Photographs of people who run a business encourage credibility.
2. Photographs of people who run a business give recognition to the human side of a business ~ the company becomes more real to the customer.
3. Quality photography of  products and services ~ even candids of employees conducting the offered services ~ demonstrates to customers that the company cares about quality, customer service, and satisfaction.
It is important to put a face to a brand for all of the above reasons.

At Robyn Graham Photography we work with you to grow your brand through custom, professional photography. The first quarter is a perfect time of year to think about sprucing up your website to help meet your yearly goals. To schedule a consultation or session call today.

Enjoy the photographs from the shoot with Flight Attendant Foodie! And, please share the post with anyone you know who might be re-evaluating their business website.

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wm e RGP_1009

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wm eRGP_0944

Flight Attendant Foodie


Bright Eyes ~ A Visual Branding Story

Part of building and maintaining a strong on-line presence is having a professional head shot.   Your head shot is the first impression for people looking at your website or social media pages.

The second impression is often your website – the style and content, which should include pictures of your product or service.

You know how very hard you work and how much effort goes in to building your business and brand.   I personally would be very sad to hear that you lost clients or opportunities because your website didn’t represent you in the best possible light.

The photography on your website and social media platforms should represent you and your brand and be geared toward your specific audience.

When I work with clients for head shots, product shots and/or visual branding I meet with them to discuss their business, their goals, and their brand. Once I have a feel for my clients’ needs the creativity begins to flow. The shoots aren’t just one-dimensional. I focus on getting images that are going to best represent my client for the audience they are trying to reach.  These details include location, backdrops, color and style of clothes, and more.

Visual branding is a significant contributor to the on-line presence of any business.  Developing and maintaining a strong on-line presence is pertinent to establishing a strong client base and building a lucrative clientele. It is also critical to standing out above the rest ~ your competitors.

You not only need professional photography on websites to lure clients, but you also need to be able to post about your business, your services and your products to your social media sites. When I work with my clients, I give them ideas for posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Having knowledge of the social media world enables me to shoot creatively for a purpose and talk to my clients about using the images I am taking to market their business.

The images I am posting today are from one of the head shot/visual branding shoots I did this summer.  The business is “Bright Eyes Vision”.  The owner and principal optometrist is Heather Miller, a third generation optometrist.  Her mother, Susan Miller, is working alongside Heather seeing patients and helping with the day-to-day operations of the office.

This is just a small sample of all of the images taken during the visual branding shoot.  I’d love to hear your thoughts as to whether or not you think the images tell a story and will help Heather create a vibrant and effective website and on-line presence.

If you are looking to create a website, improve your current website, need photography for marketing materials or need a head shot, contact me today to schedule your session.

wm e_RGP1384

Heather Miller, O.D.


Two generations of optometrists


State of the art equipment

wm _RGP1345

State of the art technology in all exam rooms

wm _RGP1214

How cool are these magazine featured frames?

wm _RGP1134Heather had fun modeling frame samples


So many designer fashion frames to choose from

wm _RGP1194

wm _RGP1154

Offering a fabulous selection of designer fashion sun glasses


A Head Shot