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Family Portrait Session

Family portrait sessions are priceless investments for your family, and for generations to come. Robyn will work with you to capture the essence of your family in unique ways. Let your children express themselves in a relaxed environment. Having three children of her own, Robyn understands that kids will be kids. She will work with your children to let them gradually express themselves and then capture their natural smiles, personalities and the true essence of each child she works with, including Mom and Dad. Portrait sessions with Robyn have no pressure. The sessions are fun, relaxed portrait sessions full of laughter. In the end you will have beautiful artwork for your home.

People often ask "Why invest in family portraits?".   The reality is that most families have one "picture taker", usually Mom.  If Mom is always taking the picture, then Mom isn't in the pictures.  Having a professional family portrait allows Mom to be in the pictures so that the family has lasting memories of her too.  In addition, portraits are timeless artwork for your home and great conversation pieces for years to come. Also, family portraits make timeless gifts for relatives.

Relatives love to show off their families.  Portrait sessions make gift giving for Mother's Day, Father's Day and other holidays easy.  In addition, gift certificates for portrait sessions are available.

Robyn is available for in-studio and on-location family portrait sessions in the Doylestown and Bucks and Montgomery County areas.  Outdoor sessions are always a fabulous option for family portraits.  Outdoor family portrait sessions are more relaxed and allow children to fully express themselves.

Please note that on-location fees may apply if the distance to the portrait session location is greater than 15 miles from Doylestown.


Contact us today to schedule your family portrait session or to order a gift certificate for a family portrait session.

mother daughter portrait
family portrait
family portrait
mother daughter portrait