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We are living in a visual and digital age where your profile picture is the first impression your audience has of you.  You don't have a second chance to impress if meeting on-line;  you can't charm the viewer with your personality. Therefore, you need to represent yourself in the best possible light.  Having a professional headshot is the key to doing so.

Many people think that taking a cell-phone selfie or having a friend take a quick photo is good enough.  It is important to realize why hiring a professional photographer will result in a better headshot.  Professional photographers know how to use light, whether natural or in-studio, to capture your essence and to highlight your best features.   Posing, angles, lighting, attire, and even backdrops can make a significant difference in the success of a headshot.

A professional headshot will show your potential clients or employers that you care about appearance and quality.  In addition, a professional headshot will help you stand above your peers and competitors.   Having a professional headshot will allow your audience to connect with you when viewing your website or social media platforms.  Professional headshots are absolutely necessary for anyone trying to grow a business or service and for anyone in search of employment.

Important Details 

Due to file size, head shot files are delivered through Dropbox.

On-location fees may apply if the distance to the on-location shoot is greater than 15 miles from Doylestown.

Blemish Removal: Temporary blemishes such as pimples will be removed automatically.  Permanent blemishes such as wrinkles or moles will not be removed unless requested.  Depending on the extent of the request, additional charges may apply.  Please note that Robyn Graham Photography, LLC recommends that blemish removal be minimal as permanent blemishes are part of who you are. It is best to represent yourself as who you truly are.


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professional headshot
professional headshot
professional headshot
professional headshot