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Visual Branding Photography ~ Standing Out in a Sea of Noise


Visual Branding Photography
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A picture is worth a thousand words! We’ve all heard that old adage many times, but have you ever really thought about what pictures can be worth to your business, or for your brand? Do you have a visual branding photography plan for your business?

I recently taught some workshops on smart phone photography for small businesses. When preparing the PowerPoint presentation I researched the impact of pictures on social media posts and websites. Here are a few statistics you might find interesting when considering whether or not you need quality pictures to represent your brand or business.

• Posts with eye catching visuals receive greater than 94% more views
Resource: Online, Medium Corporation 7/18/16

• Social media posts with an image are 10x more likely to have engagement
Resource: Online, 8/11/14

• More clicks – 92.6% of people report they clicked the buy button because of visual
Resource: Online, Wade Harmon 9/22/15

• Humans have short attention spans, less than a goldfish! Humans have an attention
span of 8 seconds compared to a 9 second attention span for goldfish.
Resource: Online, 5/14/15

• Memory – 80/20 rule. Humans remember 80% of what they see, but only 20% of what they
Resource: Online, 5/5/14

• 40% of people learn better with visuals
Resource: Online, Medium Corp. 7/18/16

• Infographics are 3x more likely to be read and shared than posts with only text
Resource: Online, 1/3/17

The aforementioned statistics support the fact that pictures are necessary to effectively promote your brand or business. Another important reality to consider when deciding whether or not you need pictures to promote your business on social media is the limit to character count for content posts. Twitter has a limit of 140 characters. SnapChat has a limit of 80 characters. Adding text, up to 20% of words for the post, to a picture helps to effectively communicate your branding message.

When considering your need for pictures, the bottom line is this:
Powerful pictures are an incredibly efficient tool and will help your brand or product stand out in a sea of noise.

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