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Here you will find resources, tips, and tools related to building a personal
brand and having a business that stands out, makes an impact, and sells without "selling".

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The 5 Components of a Personal Brand


The Brand Insider Look Book - Everything You Need to Know About Personal Branding Photography



My Guide on Smart Phone Photography for Business

Tips for your portrait session_the best neckline to wear.

Get my Tips on How to Prepare for a Photo Shoot

Should I bring accessories or props to my personal branding session?

Learn my 3 Secrets for Building a Personal Brand


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Let's Talk about Personal Branding

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Building a Brand Strategy Session

blank inside all occassion note cards in the Etsy Shop THESECONDPhase

TheSecondPhase Etsy Shop


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Learn Photography Online Course

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Listen to the Second Phase Podcast

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Read my Articles on Personal Branding Tips and Tricks


Listen to the 4 Chicks Chatting Podcast



Start Using ActiveCampaign for your Email Marketing


Start Using ClickFunnels

Start Using Sprout Studio

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Primally Pure Skin Care - Non-Toxic Skincare

Podcast University with Stephanie Gass

Launch your Podcast with Stefanie's proven system! Standing out from the crowd and creating a profitable show is going to be easier than you thought...and, it's going to transform your business and profits.

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