The Who What When Where and Why of Personal Branding

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I love an alliteration.   In this episode I have a really good one for you…the 5 W’s of personal branding.  Collectively, the who, what, when, where and why of your brand can make a huge difference in how you connect with your ideal audience.

Let’s dive in and learn more!

When thinking about starting a business, building a personal brand or rebranding, you must think about the 5 W’s.

Let’s take a better look at each one, starting with:


The first decision you have to make is “who”.  Who is your ideal client, who is the audience for which you can solve a problem?  You should know everything about your ideal client. What they do, what problem they need a solution for, and what characteristics they cherish in a person or service provider.

Getting to Know Your Ideal Client


You should know if they appreciate value and like quality products and services, or do they prefer a bargain? Below is a list of sample questions to ask yourself about your ideal client.

  • Do they drive a Ford or a Lexus?
  • Where do they shop?
  • Do they drink coffee or tea or both?
  • How about the size of their company, are they a small to mid-size business owner, an entrepreneur, or working in corporate America?
  • What values and personality characteristics do they cherish?
  • Do they lack self-confidence?
  • Are they overwhelmed and need someone to provide help and guidance?
  • Is he/she a parent?
  • How old are they?
  • Are they in network marketing?
  • What is their budget, large or a small? Are they a start-up company?
  • Are they selling products or offering a service?
  • Do they prefer designer handbags, or do they purchase what they find on sale?
  • Are they living a healthy lifestyle?
  • Do they exercise?
  • What beverage do they prefer; wine, beer, or martinis?

Give Her a Name

You should know so much about your ideal client that you have named them. If you are struggling to identify your ideal client, think about all of the clients you have served over the years that you have been in business. Compile a list of similar traits that they have and bingo, you are on your way to having a complete description of your ideal client.

If you are newly in business and aren’t sure, answer the questions above about the people you dream of working with. Identifying your niche will help you narrow the scope of your audience. You only want to focus your content on people who will respect and appreciate your service and/or product. All others will suck life out of you, and you will be working more hours, be more stressed, less happy and making less money. Identifying your “who” is imperative for a successful brand.

Likewise, let your audience know who you are through your visual and written content.  Tell your story on your website and social media sites so that you can build relationships with your audience.   People buy personalities not products and services.  Share your authentic “who” with the people you want to work with.


What problem do you solve for your ideal client?  Can your ideal clients quickly identify what you do?  What value do you provide? Express your visions for your company and the people you serve? What is your passion and is it obvious when you meet your audience for the first time? There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind what you do and who you serve if you want to grow your brand. Communicate this with clarity and consistency across your website and social platforms.


When did you start your business? What is your passion and when did you realize it? When did you find your niche? The “when” is all about the history of your business and how you communicate your expertise with your audience. Remember, there is a time and place for everything, so educating your audience on your years in the area of your expertise is going to win respect and appreciation.


Where are your located? Do you have an in-home office, or do you work outside of your home? Where can your clients find you, in person or on-line? Let your audience know the specifics about your business and where they can find you. Can they meet you at local networking events? What organizations do you belong to that they might run into you?

If you work from home, what coffee shop do you frequent to get out of the house? You should have a website that is cohesive with your social media pages so that no matter where they find you, they will be able to get to know you, connect with you, engage with you and build the like and trust factor with you.


Last but certainly not least! Why do you do what you do? Your why is one of the strongest emotional connectors to your audience. It isn’t just what you do, it’s why you do it. Have you ever heard the Ted Talk by Simon Sinek? If not, you should definitely listen because he nails the importance of why! People don’t care near as much about what you do as the reason why you do it.

My why is to serve others and help them build brands that stand out, make an impact and sell without selling all while having the luxury of being able to focus on my family first.

Communicating all 5 W’s to your ideal avatar is imperative for building the know, like and trust factor.   Be consistent with your content on all platforms from your website and your social media accounts so that your ideal audience will find you, engage with you, and eventually purchase from you or refer you.

Would you like help creating and elevating your personal brand?  Schedule a personal branding strategy session with Robyn.

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