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Remember those days in algebra and calculus when you had to memorize those awful equations to be able to solve a problem?   Math was not my strong suit and I did not enjoy it.  However, I learned it, and I’ve used it time and time again in business, developing my brand, and in life.

The following equation has become the root of my brandography.  It defines the key components and foundation of developing a brand, building a brand strategy and telling a visual story.

Vision + Values + Passion = Brand  (V+V+P=B)

There are many factors that go into building a brand but your vision, your dreams, your values, the things that matter most to you as a person, along with your passion, define where your focus should be. 

Once those critical components have been identified, you can begin building your brand, defining your scope, identifying your audience and ideal clients, and grow and blossom as your brand.   You can take this a step further and use the equation to define your niche.

Your brand is who you are.  What your business is.  How you represent yourself on-line.   Once defined, dress the part.  Focus on the value you have to offer.  If you are yourself and represent your brand authentically, your ideal clients will find you.   If you are a jeans and boots kind of girl, like I am, wear the jeans and boots when appropriate.  There are times when you’ll have a client that you have to dress well to impress, meaning, you probably shouldn’t wear jeans to a corporate client or business offices that are more formal, you don’t want to offend them.   But, for the most part, don’t just do what you think you need to do to get attention.  Be your authentic self so that you attract the perfect clients, and not the clients that result in headaches, trust me, you don’t want them.

Your brand strategy and visual story should represent who you are.  Don’t try to sell this, show it through pictures and catchy captions that reflect you and grab the attention your target audience.  Focus on finding your voice using the equation.  Your niche, or specialty, will be much more powerful and those top tier clients that you have been dreaming of will flow your way in a steady stream.

*Meet Fashion Jeanne.  Visit her website for excellent advice on all things fashion, register for her dressing with confidence course, and see how she has used her the pictures I created during her branding photography session.

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