The Second Phase Podcast

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Welcome to The Second Phase Podcast!

Life can be funny!

We might think our lives are mapped out and happening in the right order but then one day we wake up and think what has happened? This isn’t what I want to do forever!

Or something changes.  We lose our job, we lose a loved one, our kids grow up and we are empty nesters.   So many things can change the course of the life we thought we were meant to live.

Then what do we do?   Do we stay in the status quo?  Or do we identify our passions and try something new.

Fear Gets in the Way

Often, there is often a cloud of fear hanging over our heads, and we aren’t sure how to be vulnerable enough to make a change.  Well, listeners, I did just that and I survived!

I’m here to tell you all about how I jumped ship, followed my passion, changed careers, and built a brand.  It wasn't easy.

What We will Chat About in The Second Phase Podcast Episodes

I’m going to share my journey.   Every episode will be unique. I'll share the mistakes I made and what I have learned from them.  And since I love to teach, I'll also tell you everything I know about personal branding.

I will share everything I know about creating a personal brand.  My goal is to help you realize it is never too late to jump into the second phase and open your lives to new dreams, opportunities and have lives filled with success and joy!

Together we will embrace vulnerability.  We will move toward our ultimate goals for the second phase of our journey here on this beautiful place called earth.

Don't Worry

The Second Phase Podcast will not be all business.   We will also dive into personal development and life lessons.   Some of our guests will be authors, speakers, humorists and people who have stories to tell that will inspire you to do something great in your second phase.  It may not even be business related, but volunteering, or serving others in unique ways.

I’m Robyn Graham, Personal Branding Expert and Photographer!

Listen to The Second Phase Podcast to learn, grow, and also meet amazing people as they too, share their journeys to discovering themselves and their personal brands.

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